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Around 2011, whilst renovating and letting a student HMO together, old friends and proud Bristolians Adam Kershaw and Maxwell Hope made a plan, Max would continue his work as a property developer and Adam would find work with a local Estate Agency and learn the ropes with the aim of rejoining and opening their own Property Management business. Two years later and the time was right.

With Max’s experience in property development and Adam’s new found experience in Lettings and Property Management, Hopewell was formed in 2013.

With very humble beginnings Hopewell started life managing the directors personal portfolio of students properties as well as properties for friends and family. Fast forward to 2020 and Hopewell now have a Sales department working out of the Clifton Village office and manage over 220 properties from our lettings HQ on Prince Street.

The passion remains and the adventure continues…

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Our friendly close knit team are all Bristol residents and hugely passionate about the city and what it has to offer visitors. This passion for Bristol comes through in everything we do, whether it’s passing our local knowledge on to our customers or finding people the right properties in the right areas.

We have plenty of opinions on what’s hot in Bristol right now, as well as the unique character and charm of so many different areas and suburbs, so be sure to ask!

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Let It Snow: How To Make A Rental Feel Homely At Christmas

It’s no secret that most rental agreements contain a significant number of things that you can’t do in your property, with no nails or screws in the walls often being high up on the list. But that really doesn’t mean that you can’t make your rental feel like your home. So, let’s look at six… Read more

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How Will The Renter’s (Reform) Bill Affect Landlords And Tenants?

On the 17th of May 2023, the government introduced the Renter’s (Reform) Bill to parliament.  Bills of this kind are required to go through an extensive parliamentary process prior to actually becoming law. As of now, the Bill is due to go through its second reading on the 23rd of October 2023, in the House… Read more

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Galleries to Graffiti: Our Guide To Bristol’s Artistic Offerings

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Bristol, you’ll know that the city is overflowing with creativity. Art lies inside the beating heart of Bristol, with vibrant graffiti dotting each corner and creative hubs tucked away on every winding road. There are many weird and wonderful things about living in Bristol, but its famous… Read more

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