Best places for students to live in Bristol.

Looking to move to Bristol for Uni, but unsure which area is best for you? You might be asking yourself, Where do UWE students live? Or How close do I need to live to the University of Bristol? If you are having a tough time narrowing down where to look for accommodation, hopefully, this handy guide will help. 

We have put together a guide on the most popular areas for student accommodation within Bristol. Including info on public travel to the Universities and a summary of the grocery stores/supermarkets within walking distance. 

City Centre

The City Centre is a great location to live for students who love being out and about. With a huge selection of bars, night clubs and restaurants within walking distance and good travel connections to other areas in Bristol, you’ll always have something to do. The City Centre benefits from the Bristol Harbourside, Cabot Circus, St Nicholas Market, and Park Street being just a stone’s throw from each other.

Student accommodation in the centre mainly consists of newly renovated and converted properties, so expect modern studios and apartments. Parking in the City Centre can be limited. However, it boasts many forms of additional travel, including the Bristol Waterbus.

Public Travel Time to UWE and the University of Bristol from the Bristol City Centre is: 

Frenchay: 25 – 60 mins  

Glenside: 30 – 45 mins 

Bower Ashton: 15 – 20 mins

University of Bristol: 10 – 15 mins

Supermarkets in Bristol City Centre:

One downfall to living right in amongst it is the lack of large supermarkets to pick up bargains. Although, there is a wide selection of smaller grocery shops in the centre, including Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express, as well as some independent markets, such as St Nicks Market. If you’re located in the centre, you should have no problem finding shops within walking distance from your accommodation. 

Temple Meads and St Philip’s Marsh

Temple Meads and St Philip’s Marsh are to the East of the City Centre and offer more urban living due to the high footfall from Temple Meads train station. Situated next to the train station and the City Centre, these areas still have plenty to offer in terms of shopping, bars and restaurants. With the train station on your doorstep, you will have great transport connections across Bristol, with the GWR trains that run throughout the city.

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Temple Meads/St Philips Marsh is: 

Frenchay: 40 – 60 mins

Glenside: 45 – 75 mins 

Bower Ashton: 30 – 70 mins 

University of Bristol: 20 – 50 mins 

Supermarkets in Temple Meads/St Philip’s Marsh:

If you’re in Temple Meads, you might resort to heading into the City Centre for groceries. In St Philip’s Marsh, there is a Lidl and M&S Foodhall. Whether you plan to shop in the centre or St Philip’s Marsh, all stores are within walking distance or accessible via a short bus journey depending on your location. 

Hotwells and Clifton

Hotwells and Clifton are both popular areas of Bristol for students, having the Clifton Downs, the Suspension Bridge and all the bars and restaurants Clifton has to offer. Clifton is a great spot to shop independently, with a selection of independent businesses in Clifton Village and along Park Street as you head towards the City Centre. Hotwells, located between the harbour and Clifton, is admired and a local landmark for its colourful properties, which line the harbour. 

Close to the Bower Ashton campus of UWE, and the University of Bristol, accommodation in Hotwells and Clifton tend to be more expensive. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Hotwells/Clifton is: 

Frenchay: 40 – 50 mins  

Glenside: 45 – 80 mins  

Bower Ashton: 10 – 25 mins 

University of Bristol: 10 – 20 mins 

Supermarkets in Hotwells/Clifton:

Clifton offers a selection of supermarkets, including Co-Op, Tesco, Waitrose and M&S Foodhall. Also home to independent food markets, including Reg the Veg and Clifton Fruit & Veg, where you can shop fresh produce while supporting a local store. 

Gloucester Road

One of the most popular areas amongst students in Bristol, Gloucester Road is the longest road of independent traders in the UK and runs through multiple suburbs of Bristol. The road has become increasingly popular for students in recent years due to its high number of bars, restaurants and pubs. Among the popular bars is the Cider Press, which offers £3.50 pints and cocktails, all day Thursdays, and The Hobgoblin, which has tasty food challenges to get stuck into. There really is something for everyone on Gloucester Road.

Lined with student houses and apartments, this is a popular and expensive location for Bristol students. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Gloucester Rd is: 

Frenchay: 25 – 35 mins  

Glenside: 45 – 55 mins  

Bower Ashton: 30 – 60 mins 

University of Bristol: 20 – 25 mins 

Supermarkets on Gloucester Road:

Gloucester Road is littered with supermarkets and grocery stores, including some independent markets. You will have the choice of Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express, Co-Op and other mini-markets, such as Londis and Premier. 

Montpelier, St Pauls and Stokes Croft

Close to the popular Gloucester Road, these areas are also popular amongst students as they have great travel connections across Bristol, including from Montpelier train station. They are at equal walking distance from Clifton and the City Centre, making these areas popular amongst both UWE and Bristol University students. 

Considered to be a multicultural area of Bristol, Stokes Croft is home to Turbo Island, a free and controversial piece of land. While St Pauls hosts a street carnival annually to celebrate cultural diversity within the area. Combined, the areas host a variety of popular pubs and restaurants, including Nadu, the Canteen and the Full Moon and Attic Bar. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Montpelier/St Paul’s/Stokes Croft is: 

Frenchay: 30 – 40 mins 

Glenside: 30 – 60 mins  

Bower Ashton: 25 – 35 mins 

University of Bristol: 15 – 20 mins

Supermarkets in Montpelier, St Paul’s and Stokes Croft:

For Montpelier and Stokes Croft, your closest supermarket will be Tesco Express, on Cheltenham Rd. Although there are other independent markets along Cheltenham Rd, including Judy And Wissam Supermarket and Elemental Collective Grocers. St Paul’s offers a selection of independent markets including Maliks, St Paul’s Supermarket and Discount Mini Market. 

Redland, Kingsdown and Cotham

On the other side of Cheltenham Road to Montpelier, this cluster is very popular amongst students of both UWE and the University of Bristol. Our Property Managers have found that being surrounded by popular bars and restaurants and the proximity of the area to Clifton and the City Centre has driven popularity and demand. These well-presented areas are often populated with student HMOs and shared houses, attracting many second-year students. 

Due to the high demand for Redland, Kingsdown and Cotham amongst students, these can be some of the priciest areas for students to live in Bristol. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Redland/ Kingsdown/ Cotham is: 

Frenchay: 30 – 50 mins 

Glenside: 35 – 60 mins  

Bower Ashton: 20 – 45 mins 

University of Bristol: 5 – 20 mins

Supermarkets in Redland, Kingsdown and Cotham:

Each area has their selection of supermarkets, including Tesco Express, Sainsbury’s Local and M&S, all within walking distance. Gloucester Rd is accessible to all and offers other options for those located in these areas. If you’re looking to support local businesses, there is also Cotham Hill Fruit & Veg and Earthbound Organic Veg. 

Totterdown and Windmill Hill

South of Temple Meads lies Todderdown and Windmill Hill. These predominantly residential areas became popular in the 90s/00s amongst students and creatives due to their brightly painted homes, street art and high numbers of shared houses. The Victorian streets of Totterdown and Windmill Hill present some of the steepest hills in the city. For things to do, Victoria Park is perfect for walks, picnics and other outdoor activities. It also regularly hosts music events. Windmill Hill City Farm offers a rural escape, in the middle of city life, with farmyard animals, shops and a cafe. 

Student accommodation in these areas can be expensive. However, shared housing/HMOs can help cut living costs. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Totterdown/Windmill Hill is: 

Frenchay: 45 – 60 mins  

Glenside: 50 – 75 mins  

Bower Ashton: 35 – 45 mins 

University of Bristol: 25 – 40 mins 

Supermarkets in Totterdown and Windmill Hill:

Supermarkets across Totterdown and Windmill Hill include Iceland, Asda, Tesco Express and Co-Op. There is also a selection of mini-markets, including Windmill Hill Convenience Store and Premier. 

Bedminster and Southville

Arguably the art centre of Bristol and home to the city’s biggest art festivals, Upfest, Bedminster and Southville are South of the harbour and host a huge selection of independent businesses. Among the selection is the Tobacco Factory, a historic building, now Theatre, which hosts a number of events, including a Sunday Market. 

This area has grown in popularity amongst Bower Ashton students. It can be reasonably priced compared to other popular student areas in Bristol. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Bedminster/Southville is: 

Frenchay: 35 – 70 mins 

Glenside: 50 – 60 mins 

Bower Ashton: 25 – 35 mins 

University of Bristol: 25 – 40 mins

Supermarkets in Bedminster and Southville: 

Across Bedminster and Southville, you’ll have the choice of Lidl and Aldi to shop from, as well as several Tesco Express shops and Asda. If you want to shop in the city centre, this is accessible via public transport within 10-15 mins. 

Bishopston and St Andrews

Towards the Northern end of Gloucester Road and home to St Andrew’s Park, Bishopston and St Andrews are popular areas of Bristol amongst students. Although accommodation prices here can be higher due to being almost equidistant to UWE and the University of Bristol. The area is desirable due to its proximity to Gloucester Rd and other local amenities. 

Popular bars in the area include Tinto Lounge, The Anchor and Cider Press. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Bishopston and St Andrews is: 

Frenchay: 20 – 45 mins

Glenside: 30 – 50 mins

Bower Ashton: 30 – 45 mins

University of Bristol: 20 – 30 mins

Supermarkets in Bishopston and St Andrews: 

There are two Co-Ops on Gloucester Rd close to these areas. Sainsbury’s on Gloucester Rd is also within walking distance, as well as a Tesco Express. 


Close to UWE campuses, this area is very popular for students and offers quick public access to the Frenchay and Glenside Campuses. As well as being just off Gloucester Rd, it boasts the busy student lifestyle amenities you would expect. Horfield also benefits from Horfield Commons, a great park space for walks, and Horfield Leisure Centre for sports and other leisure activities. 

Although this area is close to UWE, it is further from the centre. However, you can travel there easily via bus. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Horfield is: 

Frenchay: 15 mins 

Glenside: 25 – 35 mins

Bower Ashton: 40 – 55 mins

University of Bristol: 20 – 35 mins 

Supermarkets in Horfield: 

Horfield offers fewer options for supermarkets within walking distance. It does have a Co-Op, Tesco Express and a local market, Fruit & Veg Land. 


Fishponds is to the North of Bristol and has less of the busy city hustle and bustle than other areas, being home to places like Snuff Mills and Eastville Park – perfect areas for peaceful walks and days out. Finshponds is only a short bus journey to Frenchay Campus, and is a popular area for UWE students. However, it is further from the city centre so has less to offer students looking for the fast-paced student lifestyle. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Fishponds is: 

Frenchay: 15 mins 

Glenside: 10 – 15 mins

Bower Ashton: 40 – 55 mins

University of Bristol: 40 – 45 mins

Supermarkets in Fishponds: 

Hosting a good variety of supermarkets, you’ll have access to Tesco Express, Iceland, Morrisons, Lidl and Aldi, as well as other small independent stores. 


Close to the Frenchay Campus, this area is popular amongst UWE students. Due to its proximity to the campus, accommodation prices here are very high. There are good travel connections from Filton to the city centre and the University of Bristol via bus or GWR train from Abbey Wood train station. But it is a long journey if you’re thinking of living in Filton while attending the University of Bristol. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Filton is: 

Frenchay: 20 mins 

Glenside: 45 – 50 mins

Bower Ashton: 60 – 110 mins

University of Bristol: 30 – 60 mins

Supermarkets in Filton

There are several options for supermarkets in this area of Bristol. Within walking distance from accommodation in Filton you’ll find Asda, Farmfoods, Tesco Express and other smaller stores including Costcutter and McColl’s. 

Stoke Park, Cheswick Village and Frenchay

Located in the middle of the Frenchay and Glenside Campuses, these are some of the most popular and most expensive areas for student accommodation. As villages on the edge of Bristol, these areas are mainly residential and have a mix of property types. 

Although these rural locations are away from the busy city lifestyle, the UWE student union is just a 15-minute walk from Cheswick Village, a 25-minute bus from Frenchay and a 20-minute walk from Stoke Park. You’ll also find Boston Tea Party in Cheswick Village, a popular place for students to go for brunch and a catch-up. 

Public Travel Time to UWE and University of Bristol from Stoke Park, Cheswick Village and Frenchay is: 

Frenchay: 10 – 20 mins 

Glenside: 20 – 40 mins 

Bower Ashton: 40 – 50 mins

University of Bristol: 25 – 70 mins

Supermarkets in Stoke Park, Cheswick Village and Frenchay

For those who choose to relocate to Frenchay, you’ll have the options of Iceland, Aldi, Morrisons and Lidl. In Cheswick Village, there’s a Tesco Express and Co-op or the Students Unions U Block Shop, within walking distance. These will also be the best/closest options for anyone choosing accommodation in Stoke Park.