How to Make Your Rented Space Feel Like Home

Over the last few years the majority of us spent more time at home, giving many time to rethink their home decor and getting their DIY on. But for those who live in a rented space it can be difficult to put your stamp on it and create somewhere that really feels like your home. 

Below are some tips on how to make a rented space feel like yours without breaking the bank or the terms within your contract.

Fill the space with plants

Purchasing plants and flowers to fill your space is a great way to make it feel more homely. Not only do plants look great, but they also help to clean the air and remove toxins. There are some beautiful plant shops within Bristol, check out Fancy Plants, Sprouts of Bristol, Mila, and Bush Bristol.

Having the colour green in your home is also proven to promote feelings of peace, relaxation, growth and can help with stress relief. Discover more about introducing shades of green into your home here.

No good at keeping plants alive? Check out this list of hard to kill plants.

Buy soft furnishings

Another quick way to create a homely vibe within your space is through comfy cushions and cosy throws! There are so many colours, fabrics and textures to choose from, so even if you are playing with neutral tones or bright pops of colour that may already be within the rental space, the possibilities are endless.

You can pick up great cushions and throws from most supermarket home aisles, or shops such as Dulemn, Homesense and Ikea.


Picking up a few prints is a great way to transform a space, add colour and personality to a room. If you’re worried about putting holes into the wall try using Command Strips or place pictures and frames on side tables, dressers, shelving units or even on the floor if you have a larger piece.


Having too much light in a room can make it feel oversaturated, but too little light and the space can feel gloomy. Even the best-styled room can look flat if the lighting is inadequate. Try a mix of floor lamps, table lamps and even candles to transform a space or adding different types of bulbs to existing light fixtures.

Mirrors are also perfect for reflecting natural light around a room, this is great for smaller spaces and can make them feel brighter and airy.


Accessorising is a quick way to transform any room, space or corner. This could be through soft furnishings, candles, photos, vases, decorative accessories or rugs. There are some great independent shops in Bristol where you can buy beautiful home accessories such as Mon Pote and Fig1.

Or check out a local charity shop or vintage store to pick up some quirky, budget friendly home accessories.

Photo: Mon Pote

Get creative with storage

Rental properties can often lack storage, especially if it’s a studio or small flat/apartment. This can lead to clutter and make a space feel smaller, but you can quickly improve this by purchasing storage furniture, using nice looking storage boxes as side tables, hooks for the back of doors, or getting decent underbed storage or wardrobe organisers.

Get painting

Another great way to transform a room is by painting it a different colour, it can do wonders! If you’re dealing with a small space, try using lighter shades, if it’s a large room, have fun and choose a bright colour or darker shades for optimal cosy vibes.

However, if your landlord isn’t keen on the idea of you painting the walls, switch things up and paint a few items of your furniture in accent colours to help make a room pop!

So, there you have it, our top tips on making any rental space feel more like yours. The space you live in should feel like home as much as possible, no matter if it is your own property or not and this can be achieved by implementing a few of the above tips.

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