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Our Medium or ‘Mid’ Term lettings are properties that are more flexible than a traditional six or 12-month tenancy. When you go for our Mid-Term properties, you will have all the bills included in the rent price. The properties are also fully furnished as standard, meaning all you need to bring with you is your clothes and stock up the fridge. Some of our properties are even available for as little as one month!

So, if you are waiting for a house sale to complete, having renovation work done at home or just in town for a job contract, give us a call, and we’ll help you find somewhere to call your home away from home.

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How can we help?

We can help you find the ideal rental property in Bristol to suit your budget, desired location, and the most appropriate style and size of the property.

Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of Bristol and its property market, so we will save you time and effort in finding the right property. We’ll look after your interests and guide you through the rental process, start to finish.

Why choose Hopewell?

As one of Bristol’s leading residential Lettings Agents, we offer expert knowledge and advice on the local rental opportunities. Bristol is a popular place to live, so there is plenty of competition for the best properties. Whether you are looking for a property close to work, friends and family or a good school, Hopewell gives you access to better quality homes in locations that suit you.

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