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We are a proudly independent and local company. Based on Prince Street in the thriving hub of Bristol city centre, we have an in-house team that can deliver a truly local service with our extensive knowledge of the city’s sites, suburbs and property market.

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Landlord services in Bristol

We manage a large portfolio of properties in Bristol with hundreds of satisfied landlords and offer a variety of services, from a hands off approach to an end to end offering, taking care of everything from marketing your property to tenant enquiries and lettings management. All this allows you to maximise your rental income with the minimum of hassle.

Property management packages

We know that every property is different and landlords have a raft of different requirements, so we have created a range of property management packages to suit the level of assistance you require from our team.

Whether it’s letting only packages and a fully managed service, we can advise on every aspect of your letting from advertising your property and finding tenants to handling deposits and drawing up contracts.

Our professional property management experts have years of experience dealing with all levels of property owner, from large scale investors to single property landlords. Whatever your portfolio looks like, we take the time and care to ensure that your property is being managed effectively and is compliant with current legislation.

If you just don’t have the time to deal with your tenant’s telephone calls and the resulting work, then our comprehensive Management service could be for you. This package includes everything in the Let Only package but we’ll also be the first line of communication with your tenants.

Our Managed Lets package is designed to give you maximum peace of mind by relieving you of the commitment of being a full-time landlord. With this option, you can sit back and relax, knowing we’ve got you completely covered.

12% + VAT

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For landlords that are happy to manage their property on a day to day basis but aren’t familiar with the lettings and referencing process, our Let Only package includes the ‘Tenant Find’ service, as well as full referencing of tenants, drawing up of contracts, handling of deposit and arranging the tenant’s check-in pack.

We will conduct an initial viewing to give our opinion on the rental value and take professional photos ready to advertise the property on both our website and Rightmove. We will also, where permitted, erect a “to let” board in a prominent location.

Once we have agreed on a rental price we will advertise your property and begin viewings. After any viewings take place we will report back to you with the tenant’s feedback and send over any offers that are made on the property. Once you have accepted an offer we will take a holding deposit (capped at one week’s rent from the tenants) and begin the referencing process. We will update you throughout this process.

When referencing is complete we will draw up a contract for you to check over and then send this out to the tenants to sign, before sending on to you to sign. Finally, when we have a fully signed contract we will send all referencing information electronically and your new tenants can move in on the agreed move date. A handover email will be sent to the tenants as well making the move-in process as smooth as possible for all parties.

£600.00 + VAT *

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* up to six tenants then £50 extra per tenant per property

Our Tenant Find service is aimed towards landlords who like to be hands on with their property but need help finding suitable tenants. We will market your property, conduct viewings, forward offers to you for your approval and, once you are happy, we will hand over all the relevant information for you to take over.

Before we begin marketing your property, we will conduct an initial viewing to give our opinion on the rental value, agree on a rental price and take a set of keys to the property to be stored in our secure system. Professional photos can also be taken at this time. We will then advertise your property on both our website and our Rightmove Profile and erect a “to let” board where allowed in a prominent location.

We will then pre-qualify prospective tenants via email and phone calls and arrange viewings. After any viewings take place we will report back to you with tenants feedback and send over any offers that are made on your property. Once you have accepted an offer and taken a holding deposit we can then take the property offline and cancel any remaining viewings.

£400.00 + VAT

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The Advertise Only package is our lightest touch package. We will conduct an initial viewing to give our opinion on the rental value and agree a rental price, taking professional photos at the same time. We will then advertise the property on both our website and our Rightmove profile, until rented.

As part of the Advertise Only service we will also pre-qualify prospective tenants via email and phone and send over their details for you to arrange viewings. Once you have accepted an offer and taken a holding deposit we can take the property offline for you.

£100.00 + VAT

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What’s included in the packages?

Services Managed Let Advertise Only Tenant Find Let Only
Advertise property on national property portals Included Included Included Included
Accompanied viewings Included Included Included
References Included Included
Preparations of tenancy agreement Included Included
Collect cash deposit bond Included Included
Collect advance rent Included Included
Inform utility suppliers of new occupants Included
Produce detailed inventory report Included
Collect ongoing monthly rental income Included
Forward rent to landlord nominated account Included
Produce monthly income statement of accounts Included
Ensure HMRC compliance for non resident landlords Included
Arrange payments of outgoings where necessary Included
Arrange annual Gas Safety Certificates Included
Arrange installation and PAT test certificates Included
Routine property visits Included
Use of fully insured and qualified maintenance contractors Included
Arrange routine repairs and maintenance Included
Ensuring your property complies with latest safety regulations Included Included
Reconciling deposit returns and damage repairs Included

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Landlord FAQs

Do I need to tell my mortgage lender I’m renting out my property?

Yes, your mortgage lender will need to consent to the change in your mortgage terms before you can let out your property.

How do I know what rent to charge?

Upon your enquiry we can do a rent comparison with your property and previous listings in that area, along with our letting agents knowledge to give you a recommendation on what you could charge for your property.

How much will it cost me to let my property?

We have a variety of options when it comes to letting your property, that charge different rates. Ultimately, it all depends on your personal circumstances. Give one of our agents a call and we can see which service is best suited to you.

Why should I use a managing agent?

Having a managing agent allows you to sit back and let us do the work for you. This is best for landlords looking for an income without having to deal with everything that comes along with being a landlord. We will make sure that all your certificates are up to date, your tenants are happy, your properties condition is regularly checked on and maintenance issues are dealt with promptly through our dedicated tradesman.

What happens to my tenant's deposit?

Either we can protect the deposit for you or we can send it to you to do yourself through one of the governments deposit protection schemes.

Why should I have an inventory?

An inventory is great for managing the condition of your property between each tenant and evidencing any deductions from a tenants deposit, should it be required.

Why do I need an EPC?

It is a legal requirement for all rented properties to have an EPC rating of E or better to be allowed to host tenants as of April 1st 2020.

What are my obligations surrounding gas?

Your property will need to pass an annual gas safety inspection in order to host tenants.

Do I need to get my electrical appliances tested?

As a private landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure all electrical appliances are safe at the start of every tenancy. You must also ensure they continue to be safe to use throughout the tenancy. Although testing is not a legal requirement it is recommended you implement a testing routine of sort.

How do I check my furniture is compliant?

Required furniture should carry a “permanent label” stating that it is fire resistant. We can provide a list of items that must be compliant with these fire regulations upon request.

How do I receive my rental income?

If your property is fully managed by us you will receive your rent from us directly. If we only handled the letting of the property then you will need to set this up with your tenants directly.

Do I need to pay tax on rental income?

In short the answer is yes but this depends on a lot of factors. The best place to visit for this is the government website for their guidelines.

Can I enter my property during the tenancy?

Yes, you have the right to access your property at any time, however, you must provide the current tenants with 24 hours notice prior to your arrival.

Who will pay the council tax - the landlord or the tenant?

For the majority of residential let property the Council Tax liability falls to the tenant, however in regard to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) landlords are liable. Remember this is only during tenancy, outside of tenancies the landlord is liable to pay.

Who will pay for the TV licence - the landlord or the tenant?

If you provide a TV with the property then the responsibility is on you to arrange a TV license, however if the tenant provides the TV then it is the tenants responsibility to set this up.

What is a routine visit?

This is a means of checking on the condition of your property during a tenancy to ensure that the property is being kept in a reasonable condition as to the terms of your contract.

What if the tenant damages the property?

Any damages to the property can be deducted from the tenants deposit at the end of the tenancy. If the tenant is thought to be causing extensive damage to the property then the contract would be breached and the tenants removed.

What if the tenant doesn't pay?

Tenants are tied into contracts stating they must pay their rent other than in a select few circumstances. We ensure that we put the best tenants in your property that meet the requirements for your property to help minimise any unforeseen issues with tenants not paying.

What if I want to remove my tenant?

If you wish to remove a tenant during a tenancy you will need to either come to an agreement with the tenant in the property, or have just reason to evict the tenant from the property. For example if they were breaching their contract.

What is TPO?

Also known as The Property Ombudsman, it is an independent and impartial body which helps resolve disputes between consumers and property agents.

What is Right to Rent?

Right to Rent is a government scheme that ensures that all tenants are legally allowed to rent in the UK.

How can I improve my EPC rating?

There are many ways to improve the EPC rating of a property. Some of the easiest steps you can take are; Upgrade your light bulbs to LEDs, Insulate the walls and roof of the property, Install a more efficient boiler or smart meter, invest in double or triple glazed windows.

Can my tenant refuse an increase in rent?

A tenant can refuse an increase in rent, the best way to deal with this is to have a conversation with the tenant and come to an agreeable amount. If the tenant does not agree to the increase you have the right to not renew their contract past their initial contract term.

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