Top Interior Trends of 2022/23

Hopewell Interior Trends 2022 and 2023.

Whether you’re a landlord, homeowner, or tenant, interior design has a big part to play in making your space feel like your own. From attracting potential tenants, impressing your new neighbours at your housewarming party or looking for ways to make your rental feel more like home. We have a breakdown of the current interior trends, as well as a forecast of what we suspect will be on-trend in 2023 to help you plan ahead. 

More is more

In recent years the ‘less is more’ minimalist style has been overwhelming the interior design industry. But the people have said: “enough is enough”.

After living in lockdown, this year has seen an explosion in the maximalist approach. Where people are reclaiming their space, now there are no limits to what you include in your design.

Since spending more time at home, people began understanding the need to have more things in one space, creating multifunction spaces, and beginning to incorporate these into their layout. This maximalist approach allows people to have their comforts and practical items in one place whilst styling around them. 

We have seen an increase in shelves and storage units being introduced into shared spaces, the introduction of broader and bolder colour pallets, and mixing and matching patterns and materials. In short – forget the rules and do what your heart desires. 

Consider your space 

As mentioned, the introduction of multi-functional spaces recently overtook the interior design priorities, becoming an essential part of people’s lives during the pandemic. Working from home caused us to adapt and use the room around us and use space more flexibly. Due to this, people began introducing collapsible desks, room dividers and extra storage spaces to help adapt to working in their usual living spaces. 

Now we are returning to the office, and working from home is something we have an option to do, it’s the perfect time to plan a multi-functional space you feel comfortable in. Take time to design a space which works with the rest of your decor and that you are happy to step into when hard work comes knocking. 

Be aware of your current space and consider how storage can be introduced. Look into shelves that work with your current flow or ottomans and storage boxes that can have dual purposes. You may also consider introducing soft furnishings such as rugs to help separate areas and give them their own personalities.


Self-spaces have become important to people across the globe. As people began to dedicate space in their homes to accommodate them working from home, they also decided to dedicate a room to take care of themselves and introduced ‘self-spaces’. These areas are designed to help you escape from the noise and give you a chance to spend time on some self-care. 

These spaces are entirely up to you to design, as it should be a space where you feel most comfortable. So whether that looks like pink and whites, soft furnishings and fairy lights, or dark greens, filled with plants and wall art, make it your own vibe and create a space where you can unwind and relax. 


It’s 2022, and we’re taking a step in the right direction by moving more and more towards sustainable living. This has been reflected in our homes as the biophilic design takes over the world of interior design and social media. People are using plants to create a natural space where you really feel at one with nature. Introducing raw materials like softwoods and an earthy colour palette helps bring the look together. 

Another sustainable trend we’ve been seeing a lot of is upcycling and reusing old objects and furniture rather than contributing to the old-minded throw-away culture. Whether you own something that could use a new lease of life, or you need a new item and vote for a trip to the charity or second-hand shop rather than ordering it online. It all counts towards the sustainability of the planet. 

Loud and Proud 

As we move into 2023, we expect to see more bold and statement pieces in home design. As seen this year, there has been a lot of use of bold retro ’70s colours thrown into the mix. Interiors are becoming bolder and more adventurous with vibrant primary and pastel colours in colour-block designs, paired with clashing patterns. Although this has been growing in popularity in bedrooms, we see it making a huge move even into shared spaces. Colourful kitchens, painted doors and floors will be at the top of the list in 2023. Add bold details like mood lights and statement mirrors to complete your design and put your mark on the space.

Stay up-todate!
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