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Specialist short term property management from experts in the Bristol market.

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    Why choose Hopewell?

    We are a local Bristol based business, based on Prince Street in the centre of Bristol. Our team are all Bristolians and madly enthusiastic about Bristol as a city to live but also to visit. We guarantee you won’t meet better advocates and fountains of knowledge for Bristol’s short let market anywhere else!

    As an independent company with true local insight and love for where we live, we are able deliver a truly local service with our extensive knowledge of the Bristol’s suburbs, sites, attractions and, most importantly, its short let property market.

    Benefits of using Hopewell’s property management services:


    More profit than a traditional tenancy


    Positive reviews


    Average ratings for guest communication, cleaning & check-in

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    Our short let property management services include

    Computer & mobile
    Advertising / listing creation

    We can advertise your property on all the major portals exposing your property to thousands of guests per day. We’ll get your property up and running by listing it on our profiles.


    Our in-house photographer will capture all the quirky and great features your property has to offer and we will do everything we can to ensure your place stands out!

    Guest communication

    We handle all of the guests needs from start to finish, from initial enquiries and negotiating rates to checking guests in and dealing with specific requirements.

    24 hours
    Long opening hours

    We are contactable 7 days a week from 9am-10pm Monday to Friday and 10am-10pm on the weekends.

    Pen & Paper
    Guest screening

    Before accepting new bookings we will ensure we do our best to screen guests that stay in your property.

    Check-in / key exchange

    Guests often need to arrive at unsociable times of the day. Our team will ensure they are able to check in 24 hours a day.


    Things break… fact, but that’s ok because we’ve got Alex, our in-house maintenance man. From wobbly toilet seats to broken beds. We sort all maintenance issues as swiftly as possible to ensure the guests have as little inconvenience as possible.

    Vacuum cleaner
    Cleaning, linen & laundry

    We use professional cleaners paid for by the guests to clean your property to ensure good reviews. Our cleaners will also re-stock and replenish all of the necessary items.

    Premium service

    Reviews are very important to achieve maximum bookings so we listen to what our guests say. We work with homeowners to rectify problems to improve the guest experience.

    Price tag
    Price optimisation

    Making sure you have the right price for the right time of year compared to your Airbnb competitors is essential to making sure your property is found and booked.

    Why short-term lets?

    There are a number of attractive benefits to renting out your Bristol home on a short term basis, from earning more money to peace of mind while on holiday. We’ve listed a few of these below.

    House for sale?

    Is your property currently on the market for sale and sat empty? No one wants to be paying a mortgage on an unoccupied property so why not let us bridge the gap by renting out the property before it sells.

    Large House
    Buy to let landlord?

    Buy to let landlords on average take home 20% more than they would on a long term rental. This is a very attractive option that has become increasingly popular over recent years.

    Off on holiday?

    Why not let guests enjoy your place and contribute towards your trip? We'll make sure your place is spotless when you return. What’s more, you get the peace of mind knowing your property is occupied whilst you’re away.


    Do you have a place in Bristol but spend a lot of time away? Why not make some money from your empty place whilst you are away. Just let us know your schedule and we can simply mark the property as unavailable when you are back. Many of our homeowners work away from Bristol Monday to Friday and love coming home to a clean apartment and a few extra quid to enjoy at the weekend.

    Homeowner FAQs

    What do I need in my property?

    Your property will need to be fully furnished and have everything needed for a short term stay, but don't worry, we have a list we can send you.

    How involved do I need to be in the whole process?

    We look after everything, from setting up your property profile with professional photography right through to ensuring guests enjoy their stay and everything that happens in between. You don’t need to do anything once you hand over the property to us.

    I already have an Airbnb profile, can you take that over?

    Yes, as long as you are happy with the profile and the reviews we can co-host the listing and manage it that way.

    Can I use the property or are there restrictions in place?

    We have no restrictions on how much you use the property, all that we ask is that you honour the bookings and let us know if and when you would like to use the property.

    What if there are maintenance issues or if work needs doing on my property?

    We have a great maintenance team including accredited plumbers and electricians. With your permission, we can organise any work that needs doing and deduct it from your settlement statement.

    Do you vet the guests that are staying?

    There are a few ways that we can allow guests to book in order to vet them. This is property specific and something that we can discuss with you at the time. Ultimately, yes, we can choose which guests we want to stay and which we don’t, based on your criteria.

    Booking platforms we use

    • airbnb
    • bookingcom
    • TripAdvisor
    • HomeAway
    • Expedia

    What our clients say

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