Student Tenancy Application – Subject to contract

Please only complete the following student application form if you have had an offer accepted in writing and you have paid the holding fee to secure the property. 

We require the following supporting documents in order to proceed with this application. Once you have completed this online form please email the following documents to Clearly state your full name and the property you are hoping to move into in the email.

  • Photo ID
  • 2 Proofs of Current Address provided on your application form (utility bill, bank statement, phone bill etc.)
  • Proof of Student Status
  • Proof of Student Finance
  • Guarantor ID (copy of driver’s licence or passport)
  • Guarantor Proof of Address (utility bill, bank statement, phone bill etc.)

Important referencing guidelines for all prospective tenants

The landlord has accepted your offer on the property. In order to assist you, it is important that you supply us with essential information to enable us to reference you properly. It is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the form is fully completed and legible. Missing information will delay your application and may endanger your application for the tenancy.

Please complete this online application form and email over the supporting documents to within three days of securing the property.

Please ensure that all referees that you have nominated have been advised that they will be contacted.

Procedure for Securing a Tenancy

The landlord has instructed us to act on their behalf and seek suitable tenants. You are required to provide personal details including name, address and student documentation. You are required to provide landlord/agent references, proof of student status and finance and provide a suitable guarantor as we can only agree to a tenancy on behalf of the landlord, subject to satisfactory replies from these referees.


All student applicants must provide a suitable guarantor. This person should be a homeowner, over 25 years of age, in full time employment (or able to provide proof of income), living in the UK and earning at least 2.5 times the proposed annual rent. They will need to meet satisfactory reference checks and will be expected to sign a joint and several tenancy agreement along with the prospective tenants to guarantee their legal commitments in the Tenancy.

Deposits and Rents

Once we receive satisfactory responses from your referees you will be offered the Tenancy of the property, subject only to confirmation from the landlord of their acceptance of application, the Terms and Conditions of the Tenancy Agreement and payment of agreed advance of rent and required tenancy security deposit.

The Tenancy deposit acts as a security for your performance of your obligations as a Tenant under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the Tenancy term without interest and subject to any deductions that may be necessary to compensate the landlord for any breach of the Tenancy Agreement.


Pets are not permitted in our student properties.


All property rents quotes are exclusive of utilities and council tax (unless otherwise stated).

Refund of fees

If the Landlord refuses to proceed, despite satisfactory references being obtained for all applicants, your full Holding deposit will be refunded. However if the letting does not go ahead due to default by any of the prospective tenants the fee is non-refundable.

If any of the prospective tenants, or guarantors, fail their credit checks or their references are unsatisfactory the holding fee will not be returned to you.

Please ensure that form is properly and fully completed together with supporting documents outlined at the start of this form.

Please note that each applicant aged 18 years and over MUST fully complete a separate application form. It is in your interest to complete this form clearly and accurately to avoid unnecessary delays in processing. Please be advised that all details will be checked and verified so it will assist in the prompt processing of your application if you contact those parties whose details you may give within this form, requesting them to respond immediately to confirmation requests made to them.

    Tenancy Details





    Personal Details


    Living with parentsPrivate tenant

    For referencing purposes please provide the following

    Estate agentManaging agentLandlord

    (For current address or address in the last three years)

    Please ensure that all referees that you have nominated have been advised that they will be contacted


    Next of kin (excluding other tenants)


    Please note that your guarantor must be aware they are entering a joint and several agreement

    Prospective tenant’s bank / building society details

    Student information

    Full timePart time


    Please ensure that all referees that you have nominated have been advised that they will be contacted



    (Please submit proof of this student finance and status with your supporting documents to



    I confirm that the information supplied, to the best of my knowledge and belief, to be true. I understand that the results of the findings will be forwarded to the appointed and/or landlord and may be accessed again should I default on my rental payment or apply for a new tenancy agreement in the future. The information may also be used in the pursuit of debt tracing and fraud prevention.

    I confirm I have informed my guarantor that they will be entering a joint and several agreement and are therefore aware they are liable for all tenants in the agreement.

    I understand that my landlord/letting agent shall be contacted and made aware of my application. I agree to Hopewell making contact with other relevant third parties including credit reference agencies for the purpose of assessing my suitability to enter into a future tenancy agreement.

    I understand that in the event of any default by me in the covenants in my tenancy agreement with my landlord, the information contained herein may be disclosed to tracing companies and/or debt collection agencies in order to recover any monies due or to trace my whereabouts.

    The information that you provide will be securely stored and used solely for assessing your suitability to enter into a UK tenancy agreement.

    The information provided in this form is information as described in Ground 17 of the Housing Act 1966 and I understand that if any information within this application is found to be untrue, it is grounds for termination of the tenancy. I also understand that any default in the payment of rent will affect any future application for tenancies, credit or insurance.
    To comply with the Immigration Act 2014 I understand that all prospective tenants will need to demonstrate that they have the Right to Rent in the UK. The criteria for this can be found on

    The property may continue to be marketed following the submission of my application.

    Should my application be accepted I agree to pay all outstanding balances due in cleared funds before the start of the tenancy.

    Although every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided about the property is accurate if you have any doubt as to what is included you should confirm this in advance of the tenancy start date.